Protecting Your Artistic Journey: Navigating the Waters of Phishing and Scam Emails


In the digital age, where creativity meets technology, the art world has found a new canvas online. Platforms like provide artists with an invaluable space to showcase their talents and connect with a global audience. However, just as in the physical world, the online realm has its fair share of challenges. One such challenge that artists need to be vigilant about is the rise of phishing and scam emails.

The Art of Phishing

Phishing is a deceitful practice wherein cybercriminals attempt to obtain sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and financial details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. Artists, who often rely on online platforms for exposure and sales, can fall victim to these phishing attempts if not equipped with the knowledge to identify and combat them.

Recognizing the Red Flags

  1. Unusual Email Addresses: Legitimate platforms like will always communicate through official channels. Be wary of emails from addresses that seem suspicious or deviate from the platform’s standard domain.
  2. Urgency and Fear Tactics: Phishing emails often create a sense of urgency or use fear tactics to prompt immediate action. For instance, claims of account suspension or impending consequences can be red flags.
  3. Mismatched URLs: Hover over links in emails to see the actual URL. If the displayed link doesn’t match the platform’s official domain (, it might be a phishing attempt.

Safeguarding Your Artistic Journey

Educate Yourself

Staying informed is the first line of defense against phishing attempts. Familiarize yourself with the common tactics used by cybercriminals, and regularly update your knowledge on online security practices.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Enable 2FA whenever possible. This additional layer of security requires users to provide a second verification step, such as a code sent to their mobile device, making it significantly harder for unauthorized individuals to access your account.

Verify Before You Click

Before clicking on any links or responding to emails, independently verify the information. Contact directly  to confirm the legitimacy of any communications you receive.

Report Suspicious Activity takes the security of its users seriously. If you receive any suspicious emails claiming to be from the platform, report them immediately to the official support team.

Resources for Artists

As part of our commitment to your safety, here are some resources to further educate yourself on phishing and online security:

  1. StaySafeOnline: This website provides comprehensive information on online safety, including tips on recognizing and avoiding phishing scams.
  2. Cyber Aware: A UK government initiative offering practical advice on how to protect yourself from cyber threats, including phishing.
  3. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – Phishing Scams: The FTC provides valuable insights into recognizing and avoiding phishing scams.


As artists, your online presence is a crucial aspect of your creative journey. By staying vigilant and informed about phishing and scam emails, you can safeguard your artistic endeavors and continue to thrive in the digital art world. Remember, knowledge is your best ally in navigating the online landscape securely. Let’s create and connect responsibly!

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