How Irish Artmart Works

How Irish Artmart Works

Irish Artmart, the Irish Art marketplace is essentially a platform where Artists can offer their work to buyers. It's like a digital mall where each Artist has their own store. Here's a simple breakdown of how it works :


  1. Artist Registration: Artists sign up to sell their work on Irish Artmart. They create profiles, list their Art, set prices, etc.

  2. Listing Art: Once registered, Artists add their works. 

  3. Buyer Browsing: Customers visit Irish Artmart, browse through the various Artist works, and decide what they want to buy.

  4. Transaction: When a customer decides to make a purchase of Art, they add the Art to their cart and proceed to checkout. The payment is processed securely through Irish Artmart via Stripe.

  5. Fulfillment: After a purchase, the Artist is responsible for delivering the art to the customer. 

  6. Commission/ Fees: Irish Artmart typically takes a commission or fee from the Artist’s sales, depending on what membership the Artist has signed up to. 

  7. Feedback & Ratings: After receiving their order, customers can often leave reviews or ratings for the Artists. This helps future customers make informed decisions and encourages Artists to maintain high standards. Note : The Artist must mark their order as shipped for reviews.

  8. Disputes & Customer Service: If there’s an issue with an order, the customer must reach out to  the Artist and not Irish Artmart.

  9. Continuous Evolution: Irish Artmart often evolves, adding new features, updating rules, and making changes based on feedback from Artists and customers.

In essence, a Irish Artmart, the Irish Art marketplace creates a space where multiple Artists can reach a broad audience without the need to set up their own individual e-commerce sites. For customers, it offers variety and a one-stop-shop experience.


Artists can sign up to Irish Artmart here.


To view Irish Artmart membership fees click here.