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Whether you are an Irish Artist looking to showcase and sell your work or an Art lover seeking inspiration and unique pieces. Irish Artmart is a platform where Irish artists can confidently and reliably connect directly with buyers. We provide an Art marketplace dedicated to Irish Artists & paintings. We invite you to explore our Irish Art platform. 

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With diverse styles and techniques, there's something for everyone From bold abstracts to traditional works.

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Elevate your space with Irish Art and support Irish talent. Transform your surroundings with the beauty and authenticity of Irish creativity.  Start your art journey today!

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Calling Irish artists! Join Irish Artmart, where creativity connects. Showcase, sell, and thrive with fellow artists, celebrating the richness of Irish art. Your unique art awaits its spotlight! Sign up for Free or choose a Subscription
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Featured Artists

James Rooney
Dublin based painter specialising in atmospheric, abstract work.
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Blooming Arty
Always aspiring to be my true creative self. Happiest when I’m painting
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Ross Anthony Nally
Hand forged from the midlands of Ireland. Unique one of a kind sculptures.
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Our website features an extensive and diverse collection of artists.
Showcasing their exceptional creativity and unique perspectives

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Abstract Art Techniques - Color Field Painting Irish Artmart Irish Artmart

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“Dive into the creative minds behind the Art as our ‘Interview with the Artist’ blog category on Irish Artmart unveils fascinating insights, personal narratives, and the artistic inspirations that breathe life into the captivating works available for sale.”
Uncover the creative process and inspiration...
Coral Kaleidoscope, Original Resin Art
Orla Doyle: Evolving Artistic Style Through...
Lucia Culliane
Discovering Lucia Cullinane: The Passionate...
Gaye Moore Art-
Gaye Moore: My Journey As an Artist
Heidi Bouz
Discover the Artistic Journey of Heidi Bouz:...
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