Art Ezine : Major Themes That Reverberate Throughout Arts by Joan Miro

A look at the paintings done by Joan Miro, and you will immediately see and feel the expression the painter is trying to bring out in each painting. What you get is a maximum of intensity through the simplest and subtlest depictions possible in a painting. Over the years, Miro has maintained the technique, slightly differentiating each piece from the other but still using the same simple principles that have guided most of his work. To understand these works of art by Joan Miro, you need to recognize and appreciate the essence of his theme that resounds in each work.

The Simplicity of Forms

Three things depict the simplicity in all the works done by Joan Miro. These features include the unabashed use of color, the playful nature of each element and the spontaneity of each character and stroke applied to canvas. He has been able to keep his work simple by mainly making use of three distinct forms. These include the red circle, moon and a star. A good look at any of Joan Miro’s paintings and you will see each of these forms take dominance. However, they vary slightly from painting to painting.

It is perhaps the use of color that best brings out the spontaneous quality in all Miro’s paintings and sculptures. He freely employs the use of color to intensify his work. It is also a way for him to exercise gaiety and sensitivity in his work.

Live Paintings

It is widely known among the arts and entertainment circles that most of the paintings and works of art by Joan Miro always seem to come live each time they are viewed. They never seem to have been painted, but rather have a life of their own. From an early stage, much of Miro’s work showed a great deal of captivating and vivacious intensities not found in any other artwork. It could all be in the fact that he sticks to simple primary forms and liberally uses color. However, the way all these forms build a solid relationship with each other in a natural order definitely adds to the fact why the paintings always seem to breathe.

Additionally, Joan Miro places a great significance in the materials he uses as a stimulus for his works. He believes that each form he paints usually takes a life of its own. Furthermore, he never really sets out to paint a particular art but rather begins painting and then lets the picture emphasize itself as he continues painting.

Aesthetic Integration of Poetry and Painting

Joan Miro is an artist who has been able to make a natural relationship between poetry and painting. With each painting, Miro brings to live simplicity rather than likeness. Woven into these pictures is the use of verse, and rhymes intricately used to create a natural bond and enhance the pictures.

Today, Joan Miro still uses the discipline he learned in trying to simplify his work. Furthermore, he uses his appreciation for great painters like Rousseau le Douanier to redefine his work. This is what keeps his work simple, spontaneous and full of poetic aspects.

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