Joan O'Rourke Art

Original art work completed in a mixture of oils and acrylics. Explore Joan's art today and seize the opportunity to treasure an exquisite piece of original artwork at amazing DISCOUNT of 20% off Joan's entire collection for a limited period. Just use the coupon code "SUMMERRAIN" at checkout. Please feel free to email us with any offers and queries.

Joan O’Rourke Art

Nature, as a muse, has always held a special place in Joan’s heart. Joan’s canvases are a breathtaking amalgamation of earth’s beauty, capturing landscapes, flora, and fauna in a manner that is enchanting and evocative. The play of light and shadow, meticulously crafted, bestows a sense of ethereal serenity upon their creations.

We saw very little summer sun in Ireland this year so in order to make way for new collections, we are running a sale off 20% off all Joan’s entire collection, using the coupon code “SUMMERRAIN” at checkout.


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