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Heidi Bouz Artist

" Painting is a meditative process for me so I hope that the feelings of calm, ease, and balance are conveyed in the final work "

Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart

How did you first become interested in art, and when did you decide to become a professional artist?

I have always had a creative side but never had time to spend on it. In 2018 my family and I moved to Singapore from the US and I suddenly had the free time to focus on my art. I very intensely experimented with acrylics (and other water based paints) and began selling shortly after. I am completely self-taught through experimentation.

How would you describe your artistic style? Which artists or artistic movements have had the greatest influence on your work?

My work evolves instinctively, involves multiple layers and textures, and references vintage painting techniques and mediums. I am inspired by historical architecture and try to invoke the feeling of old buildings with their peeling, cracking paint and multiple layers of history. Painting is a form of meditation for me so I love when people tell me that my work is calming, because I was calming myself when I painted it.

My work falls into areas of abstract expressionism, partial abstraction, and representational with Richter being a favorite artist of mine. I don’t restrict myself to one style as I paint as a meditative practice with expression, experimentation, and inspiration being important aspects. I also purposefully don’t study artistic movements or techniques as I value originality immensely, and find it difficult, even with abstract work, to create original work. Abstraction, in all its forms, is my favorite style as a collector, and though


I appreciate the skill involved in all styles, it is the one I am drawn to the most. I often have to add abstraction to a painting if I find it is leaning too far into reality.

heidi bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart
Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart

Can you walk us through your creative process? How does an idea evolve from its inception to a completed work of art?

Normally my inspiration comes from my photography, music, an abandoned building, or an experience in nature. Each piece involves 4 to 5 layers so the piece may change direction depending on how the base layers turn out. Sometimes I finish a piece only to rework it later. Some of my favorite pieces have come from paintings that just weren’t working, but were then turned into something else entirely. Music is also a very important part of my process. I can’t paint without music, and what I am listening to at the time has an impact on the direction of the piece.

What influences your work? Can you give an example of a piece where this influence is particularly evident?

Abandoned or ancient architecture, macro shots of nature, meditation, color combinations and music…  In my piece ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ you can see the rusty, peeling, layered aspects of an abandoned building with a bit of nature peeking through. I search for images of abandoned buildings and take pictures myself of interesting bits of peeling paint or rusted metal. I am also inspired by  moss and vines and the way they interact with stone and structure.

 Irish Artmart Irish Artmart
 Irish Artmart Irish Artmart

How do you choose these materials, and what do they add to your work?

I work with mainly acrylic, gouache, inks, and other water based paints. Almost all the textures in my work are created with paint techniques, not mediums. I prefer acrylic and gouache because of their versatility and ease with which I can create different looks. I use many tools such as pallet knives, wedges, scrapers, in addition to  traditional paint brushes.

What feelings or messages do you hope to convey through your work?

Painting is a meditative process for me so I hope that the feelings of calm, ease, and balance are conveyed in the final work.

Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart
 Irish Artmart Irish Artmart

Over your career, how has your artistic style evolved or changed? Are there specific experiences or phases in your life that have impacted your art?

I am new to art as a profession so it hasn’t evolved much but I am constantly changing and evolving my style and techniques and flow with what is satisfying to me at the time and what I am inspired by at the moment.

Do you have any recurring themes or symbols in your art? Can you share their significance and why they are important to you?

Growth from ruins is a common theme for me with vintage, distressed architecture and furniture as well as botanicals. My home is covered in ivy and vines which I find both beautiful, comforting and inspiring.

Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart
Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart

How has being part of the arts scene in Ireland influenced your work and career?

I’ve only just moved to Ireland from Singapore last year but I find the art scene here very refreshing, collaborative and relaxed. I am intensely inspired by my surroundings as we live in the village of Enniskerry. It is the perfect place for creative exploration.

Can you tell us about a piece that posed significant challenges to you? What were those challenges and how did you overcome them?

I find commissions to be challenging. When I take on the challenge of a commission for someone else I am adding anxiety to a process that is supposed to be relaxing. I now only take commissions if the client is very loose with their expectations and lets me follow my process.

Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart
Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart

How do you handle creative blocks, and what strategies do you use to stay inspired?

If I am struggling with a piece I step away from it and am able to come back after waiting for direction. I add layers and try other techniques until it sits well with me.

Do you have a favourite piece that you've created? If so, can you tell us the story behind it?

My favorite piece right now is one that doesn’t receive a lot of attention due to its muted color palette but for me it is meaningful and will stay hanging on my wall. I enjoy that the longer you stare at it the more you discover. I feel that I was able to convey the feeling of discovering a lovely mural or antique wallpaper under years and layers of paint.

Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart
Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart

How has the digital age and the rise of social media influenced your art practice?

I’m not a fan of social media but know that it can be a great resource. I detest sharing images of myself and making videos is not a strong suit of mine. I just want to be able to share my work with those that will appreciate it and don’t feel the desire to instruct or entertain, which is the content that Instagram is seeking.


That being said I don’t think I would be where I am without it, and value it for the connectivity it can facilitate. 

Do you engage in any other creative practices that feed into your art, such as poetry, music, or dance?

 I dabble in macro photography as a result of taking inspiration photos for my paintings. I also have a love of vintage furniture and upcycling. Music is a large part of my process and I do sing but can’t play any instruments unfortunately. 

Can you share what you're currently working on or any upcoming projects? What can our readers look forward to seeing from you next?

I am currently working on a series inspired by vintage wallpaper and birdcages. I am also trying to work on smaller pieces as I tend to be drawn to large canvases.

Heidi Bouz Irish Artmart Irish Artmart

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