David Marks

David Marks was born in Melbourne, Australia and currently lives in Galway, Ireland with his wife and 3 young boys. Art is his safe place, where he can truly be himself without judgement or expectation. He likes to explore his own personal experience of what it is like to be a man, living a busy life, in the modern world and aims to create an individual visual world that is truly unique to himself. He is inspired by events in his life such as a family wedding, visiting a sporting match, listening to a live band or simply eating dinner with his wife and sons. Inspiration can come from anywhere, architecture, food, animals, faces or culture. David likes to undertake a visual exploration until a conclusion or narrative is formed.

“I am Interested in a lot of different things and my work often has themes such as sport, politics, spirituality and masculinity. My artwork incapsulates my own personal world and tends to examine emotions such as fear, frustration and anger.”

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