Anthropocene a three man exhibition by Artists

Opening AT 6pm on the 16th of July the Courtroom Galley
Market House Craftworks Cappoquin Co. Waterford will host “Anthropocene” a three man exhibition by artists that are concerned with the “Anthropocene” – a proposed term for the Earths History when Human activities started to have a significant impact on the planets climate and ecosystems.

John Adams, is best known for his contemporary expressionist paintings. Beauty and nature have been a constant priority. Landscapes, seascapes, portraits, political, social and now environmental paintings highlighting the struggles of animals to survive due to human over-population.

In every artwork Robert Ryan makes, a generic hybrid creature is central. Ryan’s work borrows qualities from European old masters, using traditional characteristics in a modern context. He attempts to explore allegorical concepts such as solitude, vulnerability, fragility, the infinity of space and time.

By attempting to evoke these allegorical concepts Robert Ryan’s images are an attempt to celebrate the community between ourselves and all other species – past and present and future.
Paul D’Arcy will be exhibiting paintings from his “Melting Iceberg” series – a collection that has been created as environmental icons to remind us of our responsibility to nature.

The exhibition runs from 16th July to 6th August Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm in the Courtroom Gallery at Market House Craftworks, Cappoquin Co Waterford P51 KD37. Ph: 0872187962.

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