Unique thought-provoking affordable large scale contemporary artworks. These are one of a kind original artworks that will offer a conversational piece and act as a focal point in all modern settings. These artworks are contemporary figurative, landscape paintings and clay sculptures.  



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Minimalist landscape tree scene.
A bright, colourful simplistic take on a landscape.
Great for a splash of colour in any modern setting.

The main focus is the interaction of the colours on the canvas.
The trees seem to emulate lanterns have been set against a cream background.
This helps to enhance the tree colour and allows the trees to stand from the piece.
The trees shape has been outlined in red paint using a palette knife.
Green, bright yellow and blue has been thoughtfully splashed around the canvas to enhance the presence of the trees.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 104 × 5 × 63.5 cm

As creator and seller of Pose for Me, I wish to bring large scale contemporary artworks;

figurative, landscape paintings and sculptors into the modern household setting.

The paintings are painted on canvas, supported by backing board and handmade sturdy built frames.

They are painted with such mediums as acrylic, cold wax medium and sealed with varnish.

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