Original abstract acrylic paintings.



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Texture abstract Mixed media acrylic painting on canvas size 30x30x3.5 deep canvas

I’m an Egyptian abstract artist, my name is Eman Rajab , residing in Ireland for more than 12 years.  

Art is one of the most pleasant thing in the life for me , my presence in Ireland helped me to increase artistic creativity due to Ireland unique beauty.  

I have been practicing art since when I was a child! 

My university studies were in law, and I worked as a lawyer, but I returned back to my passion which is art, and I mastered the work as abstract artist. 

I’m really very passionate with the vibrant colors and I know the secret of its effect on the recipient’s psyche, so I strive in all my work for deliver the joy and happiness for anyone watching my artworks!


Most of my artworks mixed media, texture paintings and acrylic abstract paintings. 

I am passionate about the impact of color frequencies on mental health, and I am trying through the color combinations to attract a state of calm and a sense of joy and brightness. 


I participated in more than one successful local exhibition in Ireland, I participated as well in the international exhibitions in Dubai and Egypt. 

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