I’m abstract artist, residing in Co. Meath. Art is one of the most pleasant thing in the life for me . I’m really very passionate with the vibrant colors and I know the secret of its effect on the recipient's psyche, so I strive in all my work for deliver the joy and happiness for anyone watching my artworks! Most of my artworks mixed media, texture paintings and acrylic abstract paintings. Thanks


Abstract art acrylic painting knife painting

I’m Egyptian/ Irish abstract artist
•I participated in more than one local exhibition in Ireland , Egypt and Dubai.
About 2020
•I participated in the international exhibitions in Dubai ( World Art Dubai) October 2020 & April 2021
•I participated in jack and jill children’s foundation
Incognito 2020 & 2021
•The official newspaper of Kuwait conducted a press interview with me about my artistic work and my artistic activities in Ireland.
•I was chosen in one of famous magazines of Egypt under the title( the real beauty queens of Egypt )

I’m a member of the Irish Women Without Borders Association. My mission as an artist is to help integrate immigrant women from all over the world to Ireland and provide them with emotional support. I’m set and organized group art workshops, and used art and colors as a common global language to integrate them and support them, especially those who who were displaced because of war.

Shipping costs

Shipping from Ireland
Within Ireland €20.00
Outside Ireland €50.00