Learn Drawing – Try and Try Till You Succeed

Do you know the biggest challenge that might stop you to succeed in the field of drawing? That’s the fear of failing and make mistakes. However, even the best artists in present times are frightened due to the insecurity and fluctuations in their profession.

However, these blockers are mostly a subconscious problem, they are actually not true. I bet you might be having the same subconscious problems while on your way to learning drawing, but there are ways to get out of it, so there is no need to worry.

Let me tell you one simple fact, to achieve success in this world is not an easy job. This fact is true even with drawing. You have to keep one thing in mind, if you get frightened of failure you will never succeed. Consider failure as stepping stones towards success.

When you are getting started you don’t have to show your drawings to others. Therefore, you have to relax and keep yourself open to make mistakes, that’s ok. Therefore, you are frightened of failure, don’t worry about it because in the later section of this article you will get a recipe to overcome the same.

Here are 2 simple ways to do it…

1. Get started drawing easy subjects. I can understand that you might be tempted to draw the beautiful nature or a portrait of a celebrity, but keep in mind that this will require a whole lot of practice, and it is not advisable to get started with these difficult subjects. You will require time, practice and determination to improve your drawing skills.

2. Get started with easy techniques. Don’t get started with colored pencils directly, draw a pencil sketch first. Avoid drawing photo-realistic images, they are tough for the beginner. First focus on creating just the outline of the drawing and then move on with shading and color in the later stages. This will boost up your confidence slowly and steadily.

Source by Murtaza Habib

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