Interview with the Artist : Dara Lynch

Interview with the artist

How do you define your artistic style, how has it evolved ?

Before I used to be restricted with my painting style and would follow photographs meticulously. However now I am a lot more abstract and free with my painting and don’t get too worked up over minor details!

Can you walk us through your creative process?

For me I don’t really have a set process I follow. Each time I sit down to paint a piece it is always very different from the last. I usually have a scroll through Pinterest until I feel inspired by something and then I’ll let my paintbrush do the rest.

What steps do you take from the initial concept to the final product?:

I take a lot of time throughout my process to take a step back and have a look at the painting to make sure I’m on the right track. Sometimes something will feel wrong so I keep making changes and painting until it works for me. I also always make sure to photograph my pieces as I’m working as I find it makes it a lot easier to spot mistakes or poor proportions.

Are there specific environments, moods, or moments that spark your creativity most?

My inspiration has absolutely no pattern. Some days I won’t feel motivated or in the mood to start a piece and then other days I’m raring to get my teeth into something. Sometimes I’ll have a thought pop into my head that gives me a new sense of inspiration and when it happens it feels brilliant!

Many artists have a particular theme or subject matter that they explore in their work. Is there a recurring theme in your art?:

I think my main theme is colour. Whether it be portraits, animals or landscapes I find the one thing that links all my pieces is vibrant and poppy colour.

What artists, past or present, have inspired or influenced your work?:

I don’t really have any inspirations from any particular artist. I’m usually more inspired by a singular piece that speaks to me.

In the evolving world of art, how do you stay current with new techniques or mediums, and have you recently experimented with any?:

As I’ve said my techniques have changed drastically from when I started out in art. What I’m comfortable with has always been acrylic and pastels but I’ve been wanting to explore different textures and ways of delivering these methods in new and exciting ways.

Can you describe a moment in your career that you felt was a significant breakthrough or turning point for you?

As I’m only young I haven’t really had a breakthrough as such. I’m more so just starting out and seeing where this will take me.

With so many diverse art forms and expressions, how do you decide which medium or method best conveys your vision for a particular piece?:

I feel the only time I’m really expressing myself through my art is when I’m using a lot of different colours and brush strokes to create eye catching works.

How do you hope viewers will interpret or respond to your work?:

I hope people will be filled with joy when they see my art. I don’t believe art has to have this deeper meaning or hidden message all the time. Instead I think that if my work will make a few people think ‘wow that’s pretty cool’ then I think it’s a job well done

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions, projects, or collaborations that you can tell us about?:

Currently I’m just a small business but I have been invited to local craft markets for the summer. Who knows maybe someone on here will find my work and reach out.

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