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Mostly acrylic on canvas artwork that draws from my life. While expressing my emotions through color and sometimes typography. These are statement pieces which will light up any corner of your house and will always be affordable.

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I started this art journey probably 3.5 years ago when I moved to Ireland and I had no real idea what I was doing or even where it would take me.

But I have truly started to believe in passion. it is something that comes from within, something that you may not even have been exposed to much but once presented a conducive environment flows out like a river.

I by no mean have found my style but I am definitely developing one. Slowly and surely the vibrant colors, sometimes abstract and sometimes semi abstract work but definitely joyful. These are the elements that define my style.

Since 2019 I have been lucky enough to have few important people believe in my work and my potential and therefore I held my 1st solo show in Dublin in the Art Café and it was terrific. I made a lot of sales and just being new to the country I had a great opening night with friends and family.
This art journey of mine has taught me a few things I never knew I would learn when people appreciate my art. It taught me to believe in myself, believe in my art and my collectors are exactly the kind of friends I want to have in my life. I use art to give a voice to causes that are close to my heart or to express my longing for India but also my absolute joy of making a home here in Dublin.

On that note I un knowingly created a series during the lockdown and the bubble that we had to be in. It developed into about 10 pieces a few of those pieces are now on display at the La Pausa Caffe, in Dublin and can be viewed and bought there.

The exhibition is titled Connecting Lines- “Since 2020 we have all felt the need to redefine what connection, physical touch and
relationships mean to us. This short series was something I developed almost intuitively in the past 2 years. These
lines form the skeleton of the piece and each little compartment created by them is almost
like an isolation bubble. Each bubble is different yet limited in its expression, just like the
lockdown for us.”

I hope those of you in Dublin can take sometime to go and visit my exhibition and grab a bite in the café.
If you do I would love you to let me know and maybe even tell me if any of the work moved you.

Regards from,
the travelling.dentist14 – Rukmini Kelkar

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