Art Ezine : Overview of Jacksons Pollock’s Style of Painting

Jackson Pollock is one hailed American painter in the field of art. Pollock Jackson (1912-56) started studying the art of painting in the year 1929. In this he was the role figure and abstract model of the abstract expression. His entire history holds a complete elaborate artistic theme which is evidenced by his work at the Federal Art Project.

The history of original painting would go incomplete without mentioning the artists such as Jackson. This is because of the originality and innovation of his work. Jackson was one very important artist who helped shape the essence of contemporary art throughout the post war era in America.

The originality and uniqueness of Jackson’s work is just evident in the texture such as use of canvas, color, nature and meaning of his paintings. In fact they are so real that they are of abstract work which legitimized the exact convergence and the absolute mastery of chance and belief leave alone intuition.

In fact according to Benton, J. (2005), his friend and patron, the artist Alfonso Ossorio, described Jackson’s artistic way of life as that of a painter who had broken all the past norms and unified them once more, one who had gone beyond the real nature of any art movement, beyond Picasso and Surrealism, beyond everything that happened in art. He further says that his painting expressed both innovation and uniqueness. This is in fact very evident in most of his works such as the painting the guardian of the secret. It creates very distinct symbolism.

This is the best evidence that one could ever find since it does not discredit the work of Jackson at all and out of the fact that Ossorio was also an experienced painter during this time his conviction in the above statement just confirms that Jackson was not just any ordinary painter due to the originality of his work.

Source by Nahashon Gathai

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