Art Ezine : Oil Painting On Canvas Can Be Experimental And Rich In Shades


As a fine art buyer, purchasing a piece of oil painting on canvas must be on top of your list. Of course, you are well served by the vast repertoire of such paintings available. Today, the artists use this medium with glee and their appetite towards using oil is seen in the larger number of paintings available over the fine art galleries. The maintainers of these art galleries are a cheerful lot too as the buyers keep flocking looking for every kind of piece of art.

Portrait and Landscape work of oil painting on canvas can have a Baroque touch or Cubist outlook. It might even have a bizarre Impressionist touch about itself or a completely post-modernist appearance. In all its avatars, the work of art of the past masters and their legacy is well and truly alive through the work of art of contemporary artists. Faced with such a pleasant disposal of artists, the connoisseurs and buyers keep increasing their art collections.

Oil painting on canvas can cater to Realism or Naturalism and present a wild cat in a forest with equal verve as they can use Renaissance images of Lords or Symbolist paintings depicting a man on top of earth. The use of pigments bound to drying oils has spread all across the globe and artists from each corner are using it merrily. Oil painting combined with linseed oil or mineral spirit is used in general and the idea is to create a thinner rack. Palette knives, rags and the more conventional brush pads are used for the purpose of defining a range of art forms successfully.

One thing that should be known to the art buyers around the world is that the oil painting on canvas dries by oxidation and not evaporation. This means it can take up to a fortnight to completely dry out. In fact, artists take a lot of advantage of its delayed drying; while wet, they can still make changes of forms, expressions and symmetry. This is invaluable because artists often like adding or altering certain points about their own oil paining on canvas almost a week or 10 days after the apparent final product. As a lover of fine art you will get the very best of works of art if you are ready to be an observer rather than a mere participant in the process of purchasing an oil painting on canvas.

Source by Arold Augustin

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