Photography and Art are my passions, Nature and Soul are my inspirations, Lighting and Perspectives are my joys, Caring and Sharing are my missions.

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Melted Plastic milk bottle and mollusc, edited light frequencies and digital art enhancements.

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I took this picture of a melted plastic milk bottle with a little mollusc inside, on a rocky shore in Kerry.

The original being very impressive, I decided to adjusted the light frequencies of the picture (via a graph point system), which created this spectacular scene.

The change of light waves, gives the viewer a complete different perspectives and new worlds are created within the picture.

I then added some drawings and enhanced some colours within the picture, using digital art.

The dimensions of the picture are 90 x 60 cm.

Also possible to get with attachable driftwood (on request).

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Dimensions 90 × 2 × 60 cm

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Dublin, Ireland
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I feel a deep connection and love to Kerry’s coastline.

My background is within Marine Biology and I also offer tidal shore eco- tours.

The shamanic practice of drumming and meditation has unraveled new insights into life and our environment for me.

Sharing my little discoveries via photography and being able to show nature in a different light, fulfills me with happiness.