Painting with fabric and drawing with stitch. Textile artworks created using fabric collage and then sewn using free motion embroidery. Wildlife portraits exploring our connection with the natural world. “I only went out for a walk... for going out, I found, was really going in.” - John Muir.

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This art work is made using textiles… a combination of fabric collage and free motion machine embroidery. It comes ready framed in a beautiful hand finished frame, made in Ireland, mounted and signed by the artist. a certificate of authenticity is also provided.

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A stag raises it’s head, scans for danger, pauses mid step, sees you watching… in that pause a connection is made, you cannot look away, you hold your breath. For the rest of the day that moment stays with you, you see the world more clearly, notice all the beauty surrounding you. This portrait is a reminder of the power of the natural world to move us and help us to see and feel more deeply. It is a call to tread lightly upon the earth and be joyful.

– Picture with frame: 13 inch x 13 inch
– Materials: fabric, cotton thread, wooden frame hand finished in Ireland
– Unique piece!

This piece is made using fabric collage and sewn with free motion machine embroidery.

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Jen Keavey is a visual artist specialising in textiles. She creates wildlife portraits using fabric collage and then sews them using free motion emboidery. This creates many interesting textures and effects. Through her work she explores our connections with the natural world, highlighting that brief moment of connection with a wild creature and the energy which flows from and to them, before going our separate ways. She is interested in bringing the viewer closer to nature and inspiring a greater appreciation for the amazing world around us. “In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir.