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I make and sell unique drawings and paintings.


Sphynx Cat


Size: A4 paper;

Materials: paper, black pencil, watercolour.

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I am Gintare Kunciunaite, I was born 1994 September 3rd day, in Kedainiai (Lithuania). At this moment I live in Ireland.

I am not used to socializing on social media platforms because I think the point is not in the way you look or how many expensive things you own, but the main values lays in your thoughts and understanding, actions you do in life and your natural behavior.

Since I was a child I drew unusually good, not as usual same age child, although I did not felt like being over invested to art. I did not studied in “Art school” and did not do anything art related in junior years.

Since sixteen years old, for around 7 years I was very in touch with photographing (people, basketball games, birthdays, baptisms, weddings, nature). I self thought everything from books.

In High school (2011 spring), For the first time I drew painting on canvas, which was a very successful finishing exam work.

I studied Interior design in “Vilniaus dizaino kolegija”. Later I graduated and received interior design certificate of “7 jausmai” courses.

Around 2016 I got an urge to draw, Since then I have indescribable attraction to art.

I started cultivating my hands, skills, knowledge and tried various drawing techniques on different surfaces and different themes. Nobody taught me this, I research and try till this day to get the best possible outcome from myself. By doing so little by little I am getting better and better.

I like creating something new every time I create. Producing only few similar themes paintings/drawings creating a set, I dislike doing same thing over and over with little so changes while keeping same theme. I also like challenging myself – thinking about something that I never drew before, techniques I never tried before, then I just start creating, and the end result constantly surprise myself.

Even if my works are different every time, dominant motifs are nature, bodies, concrete and very detailed.

Usually I want to depict most perfect body lines, feminine nature, facial expressions, feminine mysticism, magic, mystery. Together I combine nature motif’s, because women and nature are two inseparable phenomenon. Also it is because I really love nature and anything natural, nature related.

Also sometimes I create digital art; create tattoo designs by order; sometimes I get chance to photograph, create graphic designs of merchandise, to create logos, business cards, coupons etc.

I have sold my products in Lithuania, Ireland, Portugal, England.

I can say for certain that almost everything I know; am capable of creating now – I self thought by time, with dedication and will to know what I do.

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