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Ever wanted to own a flock?! The most adorable sheep you can find. Sculpted and cast in Galway. These little sheep are solid bronze, each is unique in their looks and characters. Approx dimensions: H x 7cm, W x 8cm, D x 4cm. Approx weight 500g
Each sculpture has been signed.
All my sculptures are hot cast by myself in my art foundry. They are solid and heavy and each is one of a kind. I use the lost wax method of casting. Where bronze is melted at around 2300 degrees C and then poured into a mould. It is a highly skilled, complex, time and labour intensive process.

Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 4 cm

I am a graduate of Vilnius Academy of Arts where I studied fine arts, and specialised in jewellery & sculpture. I works in a variety of media including bronze, precious metals, oil, and graphics. However my passion is bronze sculpture.
I sculpt, cast and patinate my own work in my studio in Galway and I have an international following. I use ‘lost wax’ technique and participate in an entire process of sculpture-casting; from mould making to its final finish. My inspiration comes from observing the surrounding ‘neighbourhood.’ I likes to explore texture and colors. I pays a lot of attention to details and small parts which makes it a difficult task to cast and patinate as beautifully as I has done. My pieces are sweet and collectible.

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