“The highway stretched endlessly before Sarah, the only company the rhythmic rumble of the engine and the contented snores emanating from the back. Sunset bled the sky in hues of orange and purple, casting long shadows that danced across the deserted road. Tonight, Sarah wasn’t sleeping in a stuffy motel room. She’d pulled over, spread a cozy blanket in the back of her car, and strung twinkling fairy lights around the open trunk. Her loyal dog, Scout, nestled beside her, head resting on her lap, fur bathed in the warm glow. Curled under the starlit expanse created by the open trunk, Sarah drifted off, the gentle rise and fall of Scout’s breath a lullaby against the symphony of the open road.”

Road Trippin’ is a mixed media drawing on paper. It tells a tale about freedom, serenity, friendship and love of nature, enjoying the simple things that life offers.

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