Refreshing at the pier

Artist Store: Emanuela Carvisiglia


I have just started a series of oil paintings about water, reflections, and animals playing in the water.
I like the vibrant colors that enhance sinuous and light shapes.

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Feet underwater print limited edition.

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Dimensions 70 × 50 cm


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My art is inspired by light and water. I am fascinated by the sea and by the way water reflects light and colours.
Since I was a kid the sea has been a constant presence in my life, and now it awakens memories of all the happy and carefree moments with my family.
This is one of the reasons why I decided to focus my art on pieces that depict and explore water-themed scenes, often choosing an unusual point of view.

Since when I was studying at the Naples Fine Art Academy and had the chance to experiment with different media and techniques I always gave plenty of relevance to colours and contrasts between them. Out of all the media I experimented with, oil has become my favourite because I love the way I can “work” each brushstroke changing the consistency of the colour from almost transparent to thick and paste-like.