Constantly exploring the limitless possibilities of abstract on canvas


This evocative artwork serves as a poignant exploration of the pervasive culture of overindulgence and rampant consumerism ingrained in our modern-day society. The artist employs a combination of acrylics, charcoal, pastels, and delicate gold dust on canvas, combining visual elements to encapsulate the multifaceted nature of our collective participation in excess.

At first glance, the canvas radiates with the vibrancy of acrylics and light and green colours, symbolising the allure and seduction of the consumer-driven lifestyle. The dynamic compositions and hints towards wine draw viewers into a world where opulence and indulgence coalesce, creating a visual feast that mirrors the excessive tendencies of contemporary living.

Woven seamlessly into the composition, charcoal emerges as a powerful medium, delineating intricate details that unravel the layers of societal norms and individual choices contributing to overconsumption. The expressive marks and shadowy contours create a sense of tension, inviting contemplation on the darker undertones of our collective behaviour, which often remain obscured beneath the surface of abundance.

Adding a touch of brilliance and luxury, the artist incorporates gold dust into the canvas. This precious element serves as a symbolic representation of the value society places on material wealth and possessions. Scattered delicately across the surface, the gold dust becomes a shimmering reminder of the allure that surrounds the act of overindulgence, creating a sensory experience that transcends the visual and beckons viewers to engage with the artwork on a tactile level.

Through this synthesis of artistic elements, the artwork emerges as a catalyst for dialogue, prompting a collective examination of our relationship with overindulgence and the broader implications it holds for contemporary society.

Painted on a wooden MDF board, comes framed and mounted in white. Can be shipped unframed upon request. Dimensions listed are framed and mounted. Board dimensions are 70 x 90cm.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 110 × 2 × 90 cm

Self-taught Anglo-French abstract artist, living around Kilkenny.

I’ve principally been fascinated by dreams, emotions and wildlife over the years, which have played a major part in what inspires me to paint: I seek to raise awareness about the beauty of the world through my work by integrating fragments of our subconscious minds and elements of fauna & flora across my portfolio, combined with bold geometric shapes.

My palette is strategically thought through, having studied colour psychology during one of my business degrees. I find that the right assemblage of colours has the power to sooth our minds and create a harmonising, satisfying effect.

In my work I share stories – I love telling viewers about secret treasure maps, adventures, impossible things encountered in our sleep, or even tales of sea creatures that live beneath the ocean, whilst attempting to help people picture what a sad world it would be without them there. I like telling people about the antelopes that roam around the Okavango delta, the life they must lead constantly on the run, by fear of being a predator’s next meal.

I enjoy reminding people, or at least attempting to remind people of all the beautiful things that live in our world, far away from social media, far away from consumerism and our hunt for a perfect reality. There are so many simple things in this life that can bring us joy and happiness.

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