Italian Artist based in Ireland. Realism and Surrealism influence my painterly style. I use Oil and Acrylic Paints.

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The flamingo is a symbol of perseverance and strength. It has an elegant, regal and graceful appearance and I think that its colours are simply fascinating. This beautiful creature teaches you how to be resilient in the face of difficulties, while revealing your inner wellspring of harmony. Its spirit guide can fortify and support you! In ancient Egypt it use to represent God. Egyptians believed that it was a powerful spirit animal and that if it comes up in your life you have to listen to your emotions and follow what they say to you.. and if you do it, it will assist you in choosing the right path for you. Flamingo totem people follow their heart and you? 💗

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“Flamingo”, acrylics on canvas, 20cm×20cm.

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I was born in Ancona and then I lived for 20 years in Bari, in the South of Italy. In 2010 I moved in Dublin where I’ve attended some courses in drawing, oil painting, sculpture and interior design that helped me to design my own painterly style. People are one of my main source of inspiration. I like to observe people’ expressions, tones and I love to capture my subjects emotions in my paintings. Also, I love painting wildlife and observe the rural life, the myths and legends linked to it. I love to learn from animals and from their habits, they are an amazing souse of inspiration and growth. Finally, I like to paint wild flowers because it is a pleasing fun challenge and my brush simply flows on my canvas where colours mix together creating some beautiful art works.

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