Daniel Nikolov’s art is characterized by an instinctive and visionary approach, which transports the observer into a
fascinating dimension, the expression of an unconscious that emerges during the creative process. The blank canvas thus
becomes an extraordinary opportunity to let oneself be led by the most authentic sensations of the moment, without a draft
or a precise idea, capturing the very essence of an emotion. This aspect is harmoniously combined with Daniel’s
experimental nature, which pushes him to create always different combinations of materials and textures, which on the one hand coincides with the diversity of the subjects represented, and on the other hand helps the viewer to approach each work in different way. For example AKASH, one of the works presented for F**K U, immediately projects the gaze into a cosmic dimension, inspired by the Akashic registers. The composition – based on leaden and dark tones – is illuminated by a distant glow, and by small indistinct shapes on the right side of the painting. Although the idea that inspired the creation of the work refers to the journey of astral creatures, the artist still leaves the viewers the freedom to develop their own interpretation, and to recognise a different and personal reality.

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Dimensions 76.2 × 1 × 101.6 cm

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