Shopping Questions

Are Payments Secure?

Yes , all payments are securely processed with Stripe.

What are the payment options and is the checkout safe ?
  1. We use Stripe for all payments, including all major credit cards.
  2. Yes, we do not hold any payment details on our website.
Do you ship worldwide?

The  Irish Art Mart Vendor is responsible for shipping their work , please contact the vendor to confirm shipping destinations.

How can I request a refund?

Please contact the Irish Art Mart vendor.

Do you offer gift-vouchers?

Please contact the Irish Art Mart Vendor

How can I use a coupon code?

Only if the Irish Art Mart vendor has offered a coupon via their Irish Art Mart store

Do I need to become a member or create an account to buy art works ?

No, you can add to basket and checkout.



Vendor Question

How do I become an Irish Art Mart vendor ?

Please register here.

What fees does Irishartmart.ie charge and is there a membership / subscription fee?
  1. Commission on Sale : No we do not charge commission on sales of art through Irish Artmart. However a stripe transaction fee is deducted from the sale.
  2. Irish Artmart requires a membership / subscription fee as follows : Bronze, Silver or Gold vendor subscription package, details are here
  3. All fees must be paid in Euro.
  4. We reserve the right to change both fees and fee structures on giving you 30 days notice of any such change.
How do I receive payment?

1) By automatic payment via Stripe. Under settings > payments, in your vendor dashboard you can connect to your Stripe account and any payments will be made automatically.

You can create your Stripe account by visiting Stripe.com


2) By manual payment via pay-pal, Under settings > payments, in your vendor dashboard you can enter your pay-pal email. Please note manual payments make take longer to fulfill.

You can create your  Paypal account by visiting Paypal.com

Who is responsible for tax & shipping?

The Irish Art Mart vendor is responsible  for paying all taxes & shipping incurred from using this website and generating profits from such use.

Can I show my work elsewhere ?

Yes,  – but

  1. You must display the work at the same price and not less than elsewhere
  2. Remove the work from Irish Artmart if it has been sold elsewhere.




Plans & Pricing

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