You are now an Irish Artmart vendor. Be sure to configure your store settings before adding products.

Now that you’re a vendor……
Welcome to the Pro Dashboard! A dynamic and always-up-to-date overview of how your store is performing. You can change the start/end dates at the top to get all your stores sales results. Showing you # of orders, total products sold, commission owed, and commission paid at the top. The Order Totals is a bar chart, and on the screenshot below we only had orders for one day. However, it’ll populate properly for every day of orders for the report period chosen. The Product Totals give you a quick overview of the the percentage of sales each product brings your stores total revenue. Hover over a slice of the pie with your mouse for the name of the product that slice represents.


Adding and Editing Products
…is all done on the Products tab. Click it and you will see all the products your store has listed on the site, their publishing status, price, categories and tags. Hover over a product to edit, delete or view it. Adding a product is really easy. It’s the same for editing a product. Simply edit a product or click Add Product at the top/bottom of the Products tab.

Viewing Your Orders
Clicking on “Orders” brings you to your orders view where you can see all the orders customers have placed for your items. You can add notes which email to the customer, add tracking numbers, mark orders as shipped, and also print a packing slip.

As a vendor, you can create coupons specifically for your products. These coupons will not work on any other products, except for those in your store. You can include only certain products, include all of your products, or even include all and exclude others, or even by category! Woo! It can be a percentage discount, or a flat price reduction.

More Settings
…and these are really important ones! Such as your store name, description, social media links, phone number, banner images, and avatar/icons.

That’s it!  You’re now ready to sell on the Irish Artmart marketplace as a vendor.


Irish Artmart uses Table Rate Shipping

This shipping method enables vendors to specify their own shipping rates in the Vendor Dashboard. Rates can be set based on the quantity, weight, or subtotal of items in the customer’s cart.

Shipping rates are specified in one or more shipping tables, each of which applies to a specific set of destination countries. Tables can also be configured to apply to all allowed shipping destinations.

Viewing Tables

You can configure zero or more shipping tables. The tables for your  vendor store can be managed from the Shipping Tables screen, which can be found under Settings > Shipping in your dashboard.




Adding Tables

To add a new shipping table:

  1. Go to the Shipping Tables screen (Settings > Shipping).
  2. Click Add shipping table.
  3. Give the table a Name and select the Countries it applies to.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Once you have created and saved your table, you will notice the name of the table is now a link.  You will also notice when you mouse over that table, three options will appear:

  • View – Click to open the settings for the table.
  • Edit – Click change the table name or the countries it applies to.
  • Remove – Click to delete the table.

Configuring Basic Options

To start, click the table name or hover the table and click View. This will open a modal where you can configure the following basic table options:

Use Table

Selecting “Yes” means you will offer shipping to the country or countries defined in this table. Selecting “No” means you will not ship to the country or countries defined in this table.

Handling Fee

The “Handling Fee” is simply a flat rate fee that will be added to your overall shipping cost.  This field can be used to cover the cost of packing materials and handling time.  If you do not wish to charge any additional fee, this field be left blank.

Calculation Method

You are able to collect shipping charges based on a tiered system and by using one of three different criteria.  You can charge shipping based on:

  • Cart Subtotal – The dollar amount of your products a customer has in their shopping cart at checkout.
  • Number of Items – The total number of your items a customer has in their cart at checkout.
  • Total Weight of Items – The total weight (in the store’s weight units) of your items a customer has in their cart at checkout.

Setting Up Shipping Rates

A table can have zero or more Shipping Rates set based on a tiered variable such as item quantity or weight. The variable used is determined by the table’s Calculation Method.

To setup the shipping rates for a table, start by clicking the View link and scrolling down to Table Rates.

Adding Rates

To add a new rate:

  1. Click Add Rate.
  2. Enter a value in the Value Equal to and Above column.
  3. Enter a Shipping Cost. The cost can be a fixed amount, or a percentage of the value of your items in the customer’s cart.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 as needed.

How the sale process works

Buyer purchases Art piece from The Irish ArtMart Vendor


The Irish ArtMart Vendor is paid * commission. ( We do not charge commission on sales of art through Irish Artmart. However a stripe transaction fee is deducted from the sale. )


The Irish ArtMart Vendor ships the piece


The Irish ArtMart Vendor marks order as shipped in their vendor dashboard.

* Commission :

1) By automatic payment via Stripe. Under settings > payments, in your vendor dashboard you can connect to your Stripe account and any payments will be made automatically.

You can create your Stripe account by visiting


2) By manual payment via pay-pal, Under settings > payments, in your vendor dashboard you can enter your pay-pal email. Please note manual payments make take longer to fulfill.

You can create your  Paypal account by visiting