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Title – Wild Leaves
Series – Ceramic Jungle
Medium – Acrylic, gold leaf and modelling paste on canvas
Size – 18 cm by 24 cm stretched canvas

I am so happy and proud and excited to share this piece from my mini series. I learnt about texture painting last year on Instagram and it instantly caught my attention. While I was spending hours watching the process reels, I was sub consciously learning and developing my own style. When I attempted this style, I instantly got addicted to making more and more of texture designs.

Here I am, feeling comfortable with the style, adding my own spin of popping colors and love for sparkly glossy things into my designs. Gold leaf paintings can be so tricky but I am so happy with the final result.

Hi, I am Navodita. I am a relatively new artist, although I have been painting since the age of 5. I was previously an academic researcher and doctorate holder in Environmental Sciences. I started painting again during the lockdown and haven’t been able to let go of my passion since. My art is inspired by colourful flowers and beautiful textures of petals and leaves. I love to explore new techniques and ways to express my creative energy through my paintbrush. I mostly work with acrylics and oil pastels but I also love pencil color and simple doodles.

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