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Twilight Tide


This is an original oil painting by Irish Artist Conor Kelly.
This artwork is stretched and will be shipped ready to hang but unframed.
Original signature by Artist on front and back of painting.

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Art Details
Medium: Oil on canvas

Size (cm ): 101cm x 76cm x 2cm deep

Year Created: 2024

Ships From: Ireland

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Title: “Twilight Tide”
In this captivating oil painting, “Twilight Tide,” the artist captures the allure of larger waves at sunset. The canvas comes alive with the warm glow of the setting sun, casting a golden hue on the rolling waves that gracefully approach the shore. “Twilight Tide” invites viewers to embrace the serene beauty of a beach at dusk, where the dance of larger waves becomes a poetic celebration of nature’s evening symphony.

Conor Kelly, an Irish artist, divides his time between Dublin and Cork. Focusing mainly on oil, his portfolio reflects a distinctive perspective marked by a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and a genuine passion for artistic expression.

Throughout his artistic journey, Conor has explored various cultures and landscapes, drawing inspiration from his travels and experiences both at home and across borders. Currently based in Ireland, his residence acts as a creative hub where he can continually explore and refine his artistic practice.

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