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Browse the sculptural work of Monaghan Artist Marc Kelly.

True Colours


Ancient Irish Bog Oak, Stainless Steel, polished Granite, Oil paints

Ships From: Ireland

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This sculpture has been formed with a 5- 6000 year old piece of Bog Oak. The wood has been preserved and sculpted naturally in the peat soils of Ireland, discovered through modern day farming techniques. The wood has adopted the colour of the soil it was smothered by over many millennia.

Stainless Steel uprights hold the Oak high and proud showcasing the beautiful features of the grain, twisting and flowing in many directions.

A polished granite base keeps the heavy Bog oak grounded while revealing the Oak’s “True Colours” through vibrant Oil paints. Each colour has been dripped from some of the most obvious features of the wood.

This method was introduced to show how the Oak has survived many lifetimes, seen many things – the colours are a metaphor for it’s storied past.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 25 × 40 × 55 cm

Marc Kelly is an artist who works mainly on sculptural work on a public and private capacity. A trained stone carver a lot of his work merges ancient medium with modern concepts / form. He has exhibited across Ireland, the UK and US. Commissioned projects can be seen across Ireland today while his more intimate work can be found in the collection of art enthusiasts across the world

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