My Store is Duggo1972.  Here you will find some of my unique pieces of art, that I hope will bring a smile to your face.  I very influenced by Georges Seurat and pointillism.  I use the effect to build up the many colors that we don’t always see.  I hope you enjoy.

The Wonderful Iris Apfel


Iris Apfel

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Portrait of the amazing Iris Apfel. “Colour can raise the dead”

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Dimensions 30 × 21 × 30 cm

My Name is Fiona Duggan.  I’ve been doodling since forever.  I am completely self taught.  I love all things vibrant, colorful, something that makes you smile, which hopefully is what I am trying to achieve through my artwork.  The medium I use are Pro Markers & Copic along with Sharpies.  These markers blend quiet well, the result is similar to watercolor. But I feel the colors are brighter and they don’t fade.

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