I wish to inspire you and people all over the world to live a calmer life and advocate well-being and mental health by creating meaningful art through different connected media.


A door to a walled garden, surrounded by summery flowers growing around. Can you imagine what is behind that door? Shall we have a look, or stay on that side?

“It was the sweetest, most mysterious-looking place anyone could imagine. The high walls which shut it in were covered with the leafless stems of climbing roses which were so thick that they were matted together.” – The Secret Garden

Oil Painting on canvas 20’’x16’’ with a cream wooden frame: 55 x 65 cm

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 75 × 20 × 95 cm

I want to make you forget your busyness, find more balance in your life, to feel calmer and less stressed. I create good-quality art pieces and develop different formats and mediums to reach and help as many people as possible.

I also build connections with partners, galleries, local communities and online distribution channels to exhibit, sell and share my work consistently with a larger audience.

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