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Still Life With Fruits and Porcelain

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This is an abstract and still life artwork which features a variety of fruits arrange in a nice settings combined with different porcelain. I made this artwork to express the three different places which is so close in my heart…the plate and grapes symbolizes Europe, the fruit basket and the brown vase symbolizes the Middle East while the blue vase and the tropical fruits symbolize Asia.

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Acrylic Painting on Canvas (Thin Edge)
Box Style so it is ready to hang on your wall even without a frame


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Dublin, Ireland
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I am Clarence Francisco and do love arts since I was a kid. My first medium that I used is the sand and soil and that’s where I realized that I am fond of drawing and sketching. I always sketch in sand and soil.

Currently, I am a full time neonatal nurse and only do artworks during my free time. Arts give me relaxation and positivity. It relieves all my stress from everyday works and responsibilities. It renews my energy abd optimism. Most of all, it allows me to express myself whenever I cannot find the rights words to say what I feel.

For me, arts is not about how good you are, but how true are you to your emotions, how dedicated are you for every artwork that you do and how arts make your life and yourself better…

Art therapy is indeed amazing ❤️🎨😍