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Welcome to my online shop. I have a variety of works which include painting and print mediums. Individual pieces are signed and numbered, they include a certificate of authenticity.

S o l a i s


Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80cm

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“Solais” – meaning light in Irish represents the natural relationship between light and colour in an abstract form.

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My work consists of Abstract, Digital, and Glitch styles, along with using classical mediums such as painting and print. I incorporate newer mediums such as computer software to create my designs. My current work consists of the relationship between light and the abstract. How shapes, forms, and patterns are created, and how they display a visual language.

By using computer-generated software along with classical techniques & styles such as Abstract (Geometric Abstraction, Op Art, Hard-edge painting) Fauvism & Concretism allows me to produce work that coincides with the day-to-day relationship we share with today’s technology and how we receive our information.

Classical influences such as Ivan Serpa, Bridget Riley, Ellsworth Kelly, Jack Youngerman, Victor Vasarely, Frank Stella & Carlos Cruz-Diez help shape my work.

I hold a B.A Fine Art (T.U Dublin)


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