I paint original watercolour artworks of your treasured home, business or wedding venue,  capturing a sweet moment in time. I also do fashion illustrations – have that special outfit, dress or person turned into a custom fashion illustration as a keepsake. As a fashion designer of almost 10-years, I specialise in wedding dresses and detailed garments. These paintings make for the perfect anniversary present (especially 1st Wedding Anniversary which is paper), bridal party gift, birthday, housewarming or Christmas present. It’s such a unique keepsake of a cherished day, garment or place.


Personalised Wedding Couple Watercolour Paintings


Have your special dress, person, outfit or memory turned into a custom illustration.

Painting is done using watercolour and mixed media on 300gsm paper.

Painting is unframed.

This painting is valid for 2 figures – if you would like to add additional figures please contact me at illustrationsbymaz@gmail.com

If you would like to have greeting cards, postcards or thank you cards made with your painting, please contact me.

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Have your special dress, person, outfit or memory turned into a custom illustration.


1. Place your order & make payment

2. E-mail your reference photo’s to illustrationsbymaz@gmail.com along with your order number / confirmation. Please advise if you would like an A3 or A4 painting.

3. Sketched outlines will be emailed to you for confirmation. The painting will be completed within 5-10 working once approval of the outlines is received

4. The final illustration will be emailed again for approval before being placed in a cellophane envelope and a sturdy Do Not Bend envelope and sent off to you.

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Privacy Policy

Once an artwork is purchased, the buyer owns the physical artwork, they can sell and publicly display the artwork. Copies of the image cannot be created - the buyer does not hold the rights to the image and cannot sell the image rights. Copyright law in Ireland is contained in the Copyright & Related Rights Act, 2000. Copyright lasts for the creator’s lifetime plus seventy years thereafter. Copyright protection in Ireland is automatic on the creation of original work, in other words, no registration is required. Copyright remains with the artist even when the physical artwork is sold. The only way to transfer ownership is in writing. Restrictions enable an artist to charge a fee or royalty for the subsequent reproduction of the work.

Terms and Conditions

Personalised artworks are not returnable. All artworks are unframed.

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