Painted Roses

Painted Roses

Artist Store: Mia Mcvey


Acrylic Pouring painting on primed canvas.

20cm Round canvas.

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Painted Roses

This piece was created and crafted with the painted roses rhat you see in Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland in mind. The Queens favourite colour for everything including flowers is red.

Her servants planted rows and rows of rose bushes. But only when they bloomed did they realise they had planted white roses instead of red ones. So with Alice’s suggestion suggestion get out buckets of red paint and paintbrushes paintbrushes colour in all the roses. 🌺

My goal for this piece was to layer the paints so it looked as if fluid petals were unfurling and spreading across the canvas, all the while the colours blending between red and white.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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