Visual Artist based in Dublin

D, Ireland


Nature’s First Green is from my series “The gods are among us in the forest”
Project statement :
I began to question why we look outside of this world to find a god, or a higher power, when the gods could be among us in the forest. I wanted to capture a spiritual world inside nature, I combined images of trees, flowers, and sunsets together to create alterior dimensions. These images create dreamlike scenes, thinning the barrier between reality and the spiritual world.
Nature instinctively is the most normal thing for us to look at, we came from nature and we did live in nature, now a days we are so stuck in our screens that we don’t look at nature nearly as much or for as long as we should and in making these images I hope to awaken that spark within people again, to remind them how calming and beautiful nature really is and that we should be spending more time appreciating it.

The blending of images explores a few things, it explores the consistency of nature, in creating these images, I have found that nature always fits in together, nature is so familiar to us that even if we are viewing it in an altered state, such as in my images, it doesn’t feel weird or un natural to us.

We are drawn to stay looking at it, the blended images mean we stay looking for longer because we begin to realise that we are not just looking at one image, we are looking at an altered world, a new world made out of our own world and in doing so we question a lot of things, for me the most pressing thought is that this is what the spiritual realm looks like, an incredible enhanced and beautified version of our own natural world.

The work is made up of a mixture of old and new photographs, which is one of the things I like about photography, I can play with time and I also use this to question our idea of time. Nature doesn’t really change much over time, it is not tied down by the limits of time like we are and it is an important subconscious subject in my work.

The oldest photo in this work is from summer 2014 and the newest photo is from summer 2023, that is a 9-year age difference, from when I was 13 to when I was 22. All these different versions of me created this one piece of work and I think that is special.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 35 × 70 cm

I am a Dublin-based visual artist. Currently in my final year of studying photography in IADT. I began photographing when I was 14, I travelled to South Africa and fell in love with capture the new landscape and African animals, I have been photographing ever since. Over time my photographs have become more and more of a source of creative expression, they are now more than what I see before my lenses, they are what I see inside my mind, and my camera lens is the tool I use to create them. I strongly believe that everyone views the world differently, and in taking photographs, I get to show how I view the world, what is important to me that maybe no one else sees.

My work concerns existential questioning and is centred around the natural world, I enjoy exploring human’s connection (or disconnection) with nature and hope to bring to light the ways in which we are separating ourselves farther and farther from nature. I hope through my work that I will help us recognize that we are a part of nature, we are in harmony with it and we are not separate from it. Nor should we try to be.
On top of this, I explore my own existential questioning through my work, heavily inspired by the theories of philosopher Alan Watts as well as phenomenology, I use an overlaying technique to create new dimensions inside our own world which appear as dreamlike scenes that thin the veil with the spirit world.
My photographs also play with our interpretations of time, I work through my archive as well as creating new work, blending images from different time periods, questioning the effects that time really has and the ability that a camera has to pause scenes in time.

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