Cici Art Design is an online store selling original, mixed-media art produced by West Cork based Irish artist Claire 'Cici' O'Shea.

From the Cosmos


From the Cosmos by West Cork based artist Claire CiCi O’Shea. This acrylic fluid pour artwork was inspired by the Carl Sagan quote; “We are made of stellar ash. Our origin and evolution have been tied to distant cosmic events. The exploration of the cosmos is a voyage of self-discovery.”
Its rich tones of gold, black, copper, silver grey and white are evocative of a stellar ash cloud or other cosmic event. The resin layer creates texture and helps light to reflect in unexpected ways from the piece, as well as giving it a high gloss protective finish.

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Mixed Media Artwork, Deep edge canvas, measures 45cm x 25cm x 4cm deep. Acrylic fluid art with resin layer

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Claire ‘Cici’ O’Shea’s original art includes acrylics and oil paintings, acrylic fluid art pours and resin as well as varying mediums to create texture, colour and shine which are her trademarks. The different styles and mediums used by the artist is a way to connect. Connection to self, to pain, to memories, to grief, to love, to beauty and to others.