A variety of techniques: oil paintings, mixmedia, luminescent art, coffee paintings, sculptures made of foam. Different themes: landscapes, bodies, erotic, words, abstract, still life. Small and big sizes.

Freedom is just a word

Artist Store: Marcin Paprota Marton


The inspiration to create a work on the border of abstraction and realism was Irish nature, Lismore Castle Gardens.

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The inspiration to create a work on the border of abstraction and realism was Irish nature, Lismore Castle Gardens. This is an ironic comment on the systemic and cultural reality created by humanity. Ultimately, it is the state of mind that we can introduce ourselves to that determines the feeling of freedom, despite the surrounding reality. The painting was created using a mixed technique. The artwork was made on a stable 3D canvas. It does not require a frame, as its edges (3.7cm) are a continuation of the frontal part. A certificate of authenticity will be attached to the artwork. It is signed on the front and back with the artist’s monogram.

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In 2017, he received as the only one of the 186 artists award of the Zoological Garden at the IVth Triennial of Painting ANIMALIS 2017, organized by the Chorzów Cultural Center.

In 2015, currently, out of 439 artists submitted to the Third Biennial in Piotrków he was qualified for the final exhibition together with 53 other declarations !!!

In 2014, he was awarded of the 44 artists for relief “Martony 4” the Second Prize of Starosta Czarnkowsko – Trzcianecki in the Greater Poland Art Saloon!!!

In 2011, he was awarded as the only one of the 240 artists in the second ANIMALIS Painting Triennial, organized by the Chorzów Centre of Culture received by the painting “Raid” Prize of the President of ZPAP Jack Kucaby – Main Board and honorable mention!!!

Born on 20 September 1979. in Wałcz. In 2001 he graduated from the College in Wałczu under the auspices of the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of the ad. Andrew Zdanowicz. Member of the Union of Artists branch in Piła 2010 – 2019, art-therapist, president of the therapeutic arts association – “Asylum”. Currently he lives and works in Ireland in a small town Dungarvan.
His paintings are in private collections at home and abroad, including in Poland, Vienna, Ireland, France, Germany.


October 2008 – June 2010 University of Warsaw Creativity training and art therapy

October 1998 –June 2001 Teachers College in Wałcz under the patronage of Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań BA Polish Philology (Polish and Art) – Andrzej Zdanowicz’s studio


Award of the Zoological Garden in the IVth Triennial of Painting ANIMALIS 2017, Chorzów 2017

Second Prize of the Mayor of Czarnków and Trzcianka (Greater Poland Art Saloon), Czarnków 2014

In the competition organized by Qadrans Qltury and website Talent.pl under the auspices of the portal Cultural Art Empire he was awarded with the title of Artist of the month in April 2014

Publicity Award Artist of the Year 2011 – Yearly exhibition 2011 – Museum in Wałcz, Wałcz 2012

Award of the President of ZPAP (Central Administration in Warsaw) in the second ANIMALIS Painting Triennial, Chorzów 2011 and Honorable Mention of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers

Audience Award of the Year 2008 – Annual Salon 2008 – The Museum in Wałcz, Wałcz 2009


2019 – Coffee Painting MARTON – Starbucks in Dungarvan, Ireland

2018 – MARTON – “Kóltura” Artistic Cafe in Poznań

2016 – Little flashback – Gallery “Behind the Pillars” MGOK in Kalisz Pomorski

2015 – Luminaci – Community Centre in Wałcz (exhibition of oil paintings and reliefs connected with fluorescent happening in the uv black light)


2019 – The Old Market House Arts Centre – Dungarvan, Ireland

2019 – Poland – Eire Festival 2019 – Cork City Hall in Cork, Ireland

2017 – VII Poznański Salon „Robinsonada” – PBG Gallery Skalar Office Center in Poznań

2016, 2015 – Pilski Salon ART – Office of Artistic Exhibitions and Artistic Services in Piła

2015 – 2016 – Third Art Biennale – Artistic Action Centre in Piotrków Trybunalski

2014 -2015 – Third Painting Triennial ANIMALIS – Art Gallery MM in Chorzów, Community Centre FALCON in Nowy Sącz, Art Gallery JATKI in Nowy Targ, Community Centre in Nakło

2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2010 – Salon Wielkopolski – Museum ‘Ziemi Czarnkowskiej’ in Czarnków (oil paintings)

2016, 2013, 2011, 2010 – review of The Association of Polish Artists and Designers in Piła (oil paintings and instalations)

2014, 2011 – Painting Triennial ANIMALIS – Art Gallery MM in Chorzów, Office of Art Exhibitions in Kielce, Community Centre in Mielec

2016 – 2006 – Yearly Exhibition – Museum ´Ziemi Wałeckiej´ in Wałcz (oil paintings)


June 2018 – “Peugeot 306 Marton” – happening – artistic car painting with students of the Primary School Jan Brzechwa in Różewo

March 2017 – “Fluorescent Odyssey – interactive performance” – Community Centre in Wałcz

February – June 2016 – instructor, culture animator in Kalisz Pomorski in the international project “CARAVAN NEXT – Feed the future: Art Changes the City” in cooperation with the Educational – Socio-Cultural Association Theater Gate from Goleniów

2012 – installation in public space on the entire front wall of the Community Centre in Wałcz building as part of the disability project “Youth in Action” under the slogan WE ARE