Unique thought-provoking affordable large scale unframed contemporary artworks. These are one of a kind original artworks that will offer a conversational piece and act as a focal point in all modern settings. These artworks are contemporary figurative, landscape paintings and clay sculptures.  

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A four-piece sculpture series.
The nails of steel rise like street towers from their foundations below into the open space above.

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A four-piece sculpture series using blocks of wood, rusty nails, bolts, screws, pieces of steel, beeswax, and resin.
The pieces represent the overcrowding of people in cities.
The nails, screws, and bolts represent people or buildings in cities.
They are so tightly packed together that there is no room to move, to breathe, to relax.

The pieces are to be viewed, examined, and touched to get the feel of the different textures that these pieces offer.
The nails of steel rise like towers from their foundations below into the open space above.

The dimensions of the pieces are; 10 x 10 x 25 cm, but the heights of the pieces vary depending on the nails used.
The weight varies from 2 to 5 kg.
60 euro per piece or 200 for all four.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 25 cm

As creator and seller of Pose for Me, I wish to bring large scale contemporary artworks;

figurative, landscape paintings and sculptors into the modern household setting.

The paintings are painted on canvas, supported by backing board on handmade sturdy built frames.

They are painted with such mediums as acrylic, cold wax medium and sealed with varnish.

Privacy Policy

The ownership rights of the physical artworks; paintings, digital art and sculptures once purchased are passed to the buyer with conditions.
The buyer owns the physical artwork, they can sell and publicly display the artwork.
Copies of the image cannot be created unless it is for the sole purpose of selling the physical piece.
The buyer does not hold the rights to the image and cannot sell the image rights.
The artist must be contacted for any issue outside the remit of the disclaimer.

Copyright law in Ireland is contained in the Copyright & Related Rights Act, 2000.
Copyright lasts for the creator’s lifetime plus seventy years thereafter.
Copyright protection in Ireland is automatic on the creation of original work, in other words, no registration is required.
Copyright remains with the artist even when the physical artwork is sold.
The only way to transfer ownership is in writing.
Restrictions enable an artist to charge a fee or royalty for the subsequent reproduction of the work.

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Shipping times are between 3-5 working days
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