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Abstract Artist

D, Ireland

Devilish Intentions


Year – 2021
Size – 29.7 x42cm

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Oil Pastels, Marker, Biro, Chalk on Paper

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Dimensions 42 × 29.7 cm

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Dublin, Ireland
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As a young boy I learnt the art of call and response rhythms in Ghana. I remember the unique spiritual feeling of being able to respond to a call without much prior knowledge, a symbiotic cultural relationship between one another. I believe this same spiritual connection happens when I produce a piece of art. I in turn, call out, through impulse of expression on whatever medium of choice. This intention leads my audience to experience a range of emotions, bringing forth subjective responses, creating a web of dialogue about my art. Through time my art has evolved with a lot more emphasis on symbolism and texture. These symbols are a representation of life’s journey and personal development. I give my audience symbols of my African Heritage, my curiosity of humankind, nature and my mental state.

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