My plaster works came in to fruition through experimenting during the summer of 2022. Throughout experimenting, I have discovered that plaster has many possibilities. It is a flexible canvas for investigating mark making. I use tools such as etching needles, blade knives and dry brushes to formulate a composition that resonates with me. It almost feels like excavating the canvas, chipping away and applying new forms as I go. My themes vary and I try not to fit my work in to a box as I like to leave my work open to interpretation. However there are themes that have remained nascent throughout these works. Themes of introspection and memory. I am interested in the mind and finding ways of articulating a particular feeling of a thought through mark making.

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Kindly note that the materiality of plaster is extremely delicate so please take caution when handling.
Please do not attempt to take apart the frame backing incase of damage.
The drawing is fixed in the frame and cannot be removed.
Please clean frame only with a duster.

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2022, Plaster, Indian ink drawing, set in a 16 x 20 inch Black frame.

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 1.5 cm


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Grace Loughlin is a London born visual artist living in County Sligo, Ireland. In 2021, she graduated from Atlantic Technological University studying Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. Her areas of focus are drawing and sculpture, both of which overlap occasionally.
The accumulation of Grace’s work is based on exploring themes about the self, change, transformation and healing in a physical and psychological sense.
She is drawn to materials with qualities that can be juxtaposed to make new dialogues, like the tough, resistant aluminium, which can be softened in to delicately intricate forms. The white plaster powder and water that slowly transforms to solid and holds itself, fixed within the frame. The fluidic ink that absorbs permeated surfaces, which builds a continual foundation of new layers that are either added or chipped away. It is in these little processes that inform Grace’s work and correspond back to her themes, which lead to developing an intuitive and cathartic practice.

Grace has exhibited in Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland and Boomer Gallery, London, UK.