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“Conflict” received a Bronze A’ Design Award in May 2020

This sculpture has been inspired by conflict and borders. The artist was born along the Irish border during an era of intense conflict. Sleek line, form, texture, colour all combine here to reveal a strong visual artwork, executed perfectly by the renowned artist

This work unveils the marriage of strong contrasting forms and colours. The polished Irish Limestone has a slight curve cut into the surface allowing the Carrara Marble tablet to rest onto it perfectly.

The carved Limestone reveals it’s own natural inner grey colour colour where the curve sits onto it.

The Carrara Marble’s perfect circular form has been sectioned to reveal the square corner form

Each element of the sculpture has “Black and White” contrasting conflicts ongoing.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 44 × 54 cm

Marc Kelly is an artist who works mainly on sculptural work on a public and private capacity. A trained stone carver a lot of his work merges ancient medium with modern concepts / form. He has exhibited across Ireland, the UK and US. Commissioned projects can be seen across Ireland today while his more intimate work can be found in the collection of art enthusiasts across the world

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