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A selection of Irish Art from renowned Urban Artist Johnman.  The majority of my work is created with spray paint and hand cut stencils.  I like to take old or familiar objects use them for inspiration and breath life into them.

Bales 1 – Spray Paint Urban Pop Art Banksy Graffiti Style. Gold, Orange, Meadow Flowers.


Medium: Spray Paint, Acrylic and Liquid Chrome on Canvas

Size: 25cm x 30cm x 1cm

1 Available

Ships From: Ireland

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A playful artwork created with splatters of paint from a misfired spray can.  The bales themselves are painted with a gold paint and have liquid chrome highlights so they really glisten in the light.


Painted on a shallow edge canvas this artwork can be hung as-is or framing can be arranged prior to dispatch for an extra charge if you wish (contact me to arrange).

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 74 × 5854 × 3 cm

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Like many urban artists, Johnman’s true identity is a closely guarded secret. However, there is speculation by some that he may in fact be a man named John.

Johnman is a renowned urban artist best known for spray painting intricate, hand cut stencils onto train tickets and other colourful backgrounds and objects.

He likes to take old or familiar objects and breath new life into them by using them as his canvas and artistic inspiration. Inspired by Graffiti’s roots with the painting of trains; he set about spray painting intricately hand cut stencils onto train tickets, old signs, and other media which are then hand finished with acrylic ink in his own unique style.

This work is interspersed with occasional brightly coloured works on more conventional stretched canvases.

British born; Johnman Spraycan started his journey into the urban art world with Devon’s Arts Anonymous. He now resides in Dublin and is a professional member of Visual Artist’s Ireland. 

He was a finalist in the Inaugural Stencil Art Prize in Sydney with his train ticket art and has exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibitions, including a solo show in London’s Graffik Gallery. His work has been published in both of the Upfest Urban Art Festival Books and Bizarre Magazine.


His artwork resides in private collections around the globe.

Johnman is available for commissions both large and small. Be it an outdoor mural, a train ticket piece incorporating tickets with meaningful dates / locations or anything in-between.


A self proclaimed romantic, this is often reflected in his artwork. If you know where he’s exhibiting or painting then keep your eyes peeled for one of his hand painted pebbles, inscribed with his mantra “The best things in life aren’t things”.

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