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Joy Art by Tatjana Feldmane Postgraduate Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts (KNUKiM) Irish artist specialising in Contemporary and Fluid Art You are invited to embark on an exploration of Joy Art.  Art born out of deep love for life, movement of energy and the beauty and richness of human experience. One could classify this type of art as Abstract, Contemporary or Fluid Art, but to me this is the Art of Emotions, Art of flowing Music, the Art of Joy. Trained as a classical musician and choir conductor, I was always fascinated by the deep emotional states that music can take you to and how music can enhance everyday experiences and let unfold your inner worlds, your imagination, sensuality and passion for life, and how music, such a universal language, can unite, empower and express emotion better than any language.  Embarking on this artistic journey I set out to explore similar ways of capturing deep emotions in a Moment of Time and sharing these visions with the world. Submerging in the creative process, I let go of any preconceptions and limitations of the pure physicality and surrender into the meditative process, becoming the mediator of the Universal Life Force Energies.  This oneness and the process of creation is pure Joy and I am honoured to invite you on this exploratory journey. I am curious what you will see… Will you see something resembling the Universe, or maybe Life under the microscope? Flowing rivers, melting ice-caps or volcanoes erupting? Lush flowering gardens or hot desert sands? Whatever you see may be subjective, but what is most important, is what you feel, because this is what art is about, evoking emotion and exploring the palette of our inner worlds and experiences. Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Pablo Picasso


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