The theme of this store is Nature Symphonie and it holds a hidden message: search deeply into your soul to uncover your treasures. Be optimistic and look for the best in everything. It is never too late. Art likes to hide. In a painting, we can see and hear mysterious artistry. Symphonies do not have a soloist; they are compositions on varied themes. Inspired by the beauty of nature, I am delighted to present you with a collection of colours, a Symphonie of nature. Look at the rose, lilies, chrysanthemum – you can feel their smell, can’t you? The language of the nature in my paintings is a language of love and silence, of inner peace. A thought, a flower, a hug makes us dream. I am waiting for you to stop your journey, to quieten your soul and thoughts from the daily routine and allow your eyes to drift. If the painting talks to you, if it represents you somehow, give it a moment. I would like to hear your impressions.

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